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# Say Hello to Grav ## Fast, Simple, Powerful... Grav is a modern flat-file CMS system that focuses on making web development fun again. [Read the documentation](,btn-primary,btn-lg&target=_blank)
# Why Grav? ## **build sites better** We believe the best recipe to make something great, is to bake with [quality ingredients](#) and add dollops of [cool stuff](#).

Crazy Fast

Performance is not just an afterthought, we baked it in from the start!

Easy to build

Simple text files means Grav is trivial to install, and easy to maintain

Awesome Technology

Grav employs best-in-class technologies such as Twig, Markdown & Yaml

Super Flexible

From the ground up, with many plugin hooks, Grav is extremely extensible

Abundant Plugins

A vibrant developer community means 200+ plugins available to download

Free / Open Source

Grav is an open source project, so you can spend your money on other stuff

## **Your Content** Unchained! No longer are you a _help captive by your CMS_. Grav **empowers** you to create anything from a [simple one-page site](, to a [beautiful blog](, to a powerful and feature-rich [shop site](, to pretty much anything you can dream up! [Find out more...](,btn-primary,btn-lg)
# Stuffed Full of Features ## **Check out small smattering...**

Markdown Syntax

Twig Templating

Smart Caching

Flexible Taxonomies

Simple Install

Powerful Plugins

Intuitive UI



Users & Roles

Image Processing


On Github

Responsive Design

CLI Power